Childhood Nutrition

The highest priority when it comes to kid’s nutrition in U.S. is education. The drive to improve nutrition throughout the educational system has allowed Pichuberry® to partner with school districts throughout Arizona, as well as nationwide, to provide young students with Pichuberries as part of their meals. Pichuberry® understands that in order to establish good nutritional practices for families in the U.S , a robust educational program is needed.

This campaign is focused around Pichuberry® making a presence in Arizona Public/Private schools and delivering lectures and scientific materials designed to educate students about the effects of daily factors on their nutrition and well-being. The Pichuberry® team has also initiated a distribution campaign to place the Pichuberry® fresh fruit in cafeterias throughout schools in Arizona.

All children's nutrition initiatives revolve around the USDA's FFVP (Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Program). Please click here to learn more about the FFPV Program.

Pichuberry® Portfolio Think Tank

The Pichuberry® team is devoted to helping processors, recipe formulators, nutritionists, and producers create new and exciting possibilities using the Pichuberry®. We have performed significant research in the areas of nutrition, recipe formulation, and market outlook. We strongly believe that the Pichuberry® will become very close to conventional due to the popularity it will receive from developing various products including protein and diet bars, tea applications, sports and health beverages, jams, skin care products, and nutritional supplements.

Through the development of our onsite South American satellite office, we are able to monitor and control the quality of our South American supply channels. This control only compliments our strong suppliers that have been providing Pichuberry® to Europe, South America, South Africa, and Australia for over twenty years.

Our team has already begun the development of the Pichuberry® Juice, Pichuberry® Infusion Juice, and Pichuberry® Bar. These are just starting examples for how your company can innovate as well!

We are currently executing a campaign to help other processors create their own formulas, recipes, and applications using the Pichuberry® as the main ingredient. Our services include complimentary samples for laboratory research, fruit nutrition consulting, historical fruit research information, and our Pichuberry® branding to help enhance the market awareness.

Please contact us if you would like to experience the Pichuberry®! Together, we will make your innovation plans succesfull!

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