Pichuberry® Fits in Several Diets

The Pichuberry® fruit brings several powerful elements to the table for those looking to improve their diet through nutritional strategies and development. Not only do Pichuberries bring a superior mineral and vitamin profile to any meal, but due to the positive taste profile, they also become more versatile and enjoyable through many different recipes. Versatility transfers into marketability since the fruit can be enjoyed in more than one recipe or format.

According to our research, taste is very important especially when engaging in kid’s nutrition initiatives. Without having a well received taste profile to start with, it is very difficult to gain traction and avoid using less nutritional alternatives.

Become a Pichuberry® Nutritionist

The American Pichuberry® Association is always looking for various nutrition experts in all regions throughout the U.S. This opportunity involves become an expert on Pichuberry® Nutrition and a volunteer ambassador for the fruit, working with schools districts, news agencies, and other entities to accomplish the goal of enriching general education of the Pichuberry® as a viable and nutritional ingredient. This volunteer position can lead to a regional spokesperson for the fruit. To inquire about becoming a volunteer regional nutrition expert, please send us an email so we can start the application process.

For become a Pichuberry® nutritionist in your geographic area, please email us!

Pichuberry® Research

The American Pichuberry® Association is dedicated to supporting scientific research activities for the Pichuberry® Fresh Fruit. If you are a member of the research community with either a university or private entity we would like to talk to you about the Pichuberry®.

The fact is most of the Pichuberry’s structures are currently uncategorized and undocumented.

More research is necessary for isolating exact compounds that are responsible for the unique health benefits the Pichuberry® offers.

Our team is excited to collaborate with motivated departments in order to create research coalitions that focus on identifying new and superior elements from fruit like the Pichuberry®, and using these elements in various manufacturing applications.

Pichuberry® as seen in

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