The Pichuberry® team fully supports new growers that would like to adopt the Pichuberry® as a new crop. In this project, Colombia has become the biggest supplier of the Pichuberry®. Colombia has developed an association of growers for the international based growers. Our team is dedicated to facilitating these growers, as well as domestic growers, in order to market this wonderful fruit to the U.S.

Our team encourages growers from South America and the United States to join the Pichuberry® marketing initiative for the U.S market.

By providing the demand and marketing efforts for the fruit, we are setting up a risk free approach for developing this fruit in the U.S market.

As part of signing up for the American Pichuberry® Association, agricultural groups would be open to using the Pichuberry® trademark as part of the marketing effort in the U.S. Growers would also benefit from the demand generated by the Pichuberry® Company, as well as the marketing efforts invested.

Pichuberry® as seen in

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