Pichuberry® fresh fruit

The Pichuberry® is one of the most unique culinary ingredients to ever hit the markets in the U.S. Our team is currently introducing the Pichuberry® fresh fruit to various retailer, end consumers, and processors. We are dedicated to working with various brokers and distributors to establish a consistent market position for the Pichuberry® in the U.S.

pichuberry fruit
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Pichuberry® Puree

pichuberry puree

Our team is constantly developing various forms of the Pichuberry® in order to make it convenient for other processors to start innovating with this unique ingredient.
The most natural form (outside of the actual fresh fruit) that can be used for processing is the actual fruit puree. Our team has developed the Pichuberry® Puree and has established a solid supply chain to sustain processing operations of other industry players.

Get the Pichuberry® today and watch it do wonders in your product or in whichever innovative project you're currently working on!

Pichuberry® Infusion Juice

The first Pichuberry® processed product is the Pichuberry® Infusion Juice. This product is derived from a juice formula and is being initially offered as a natural alternative to consumers . Through the development of this formula, our team was able to conduct market research and acquire a market response. This juice product received a great reaction from the markets. This blend is developed with natural infused Pichuberry® and other delicious natural juices including passion fruit, mango, and pineapple!

This juice product doesn't only taste good, but it is also very nutritious. Since this product is 100% natural, it showcases the true qualities of the Pichuberry® including Complex B Vitamins, antioxidants, and withanolides!

pichuberry juice
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Pichuberry® Seeds - Dried Pichuberries - Pichuberry® Bar - Pichuberry® Tea

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